Teach & Learn T5T – The Five Tibetan Rites

TEACH T5T – The Five Tibetan Rites
Interest in The Five Tibetan Rites is rapidly growing and qualified instructors are needed all over the world. Experienced teachers who are interested in developing their skills to become Master Trainers so they can teach other teachers are also required. We have a Distance Education Method and run 4 day, on-site Teacher Training Programs.




LEARN T5T – The Five Tibetan Rites
You can learn T5T at home with the T5T books & DVD – or during a private session with one of our Registered T5T Instructors. Alternatively you can learn T5T through workshops (both public and private) as well as at your Corporate Workplace. There is a wide range of choice to suit your individual requirements.


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Carolinda Witt

Founder & Developer of T5T
Email: carolinda@T5T.com
Suburb: Avalon
State: NSW

About Carolinda
Carolinda Witt developed T5T® over a period of 5 years and has since taught over 1000 students and 32 instructors. With input from highly qualified health practitioners and the living laboratory of her own classrooms; she created a unique 10 minutes a day, step-by-step program that gives peoples’ bodies time to develop strength and flexibility.

“…Personally I believe that by developing self discipline in our own lives, physically, mentally and spiritually; we can not only contribute to the empowerment of our own lives, but can also contribute and provide inspiration to the whole human potential…”


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Craig Gowan

Registered T5T® Instructor. MBA. Management & Training Consultant. Cert IV Workplace Training & Assessment.
Email: teachers@t5t.com
Phone: 0411 053 703
Address: PO Box 200 Gladesville NSW 2111
Area: Central Coast

About Craig
Learning T5T® could not have come at a better time for me. I first experienced T5T® two years ago, and found that it filled an enormous void in my personal experience.

I run my own Management and Training Consultancy, and often spend my days working with large and small businesses to improve their management and leadership capabilities. I rely on my Masters Degree in Business Administration and Certificate in Workplace Training for my work – which involves talking to people about Management theory and practical issues, often for days at a time. This requires lots of energy and stamina, and I draw from T5T® to give me this.

I play A-Grade cricket, golf, train a rugby league team, and have recently completed my T5T ®Teacher training. I am now a very dedicated T5T® Instructor, and work with individuals, private groups, run public programs, and blend T5T® into my corporate training.

I am willing to travel to any parts of Sydney and its surrounds, including the Central Coast, the Mountains, or the Illawarra. I look forward to working with people to change and energise their lives.

“…My interest in T5T® has been fueled by 8 years of yoga practice, all of which I enjoyed, but none of which gave me the energy boost I was after. T5T® provides me with the energy I need to easily cope with the challenges of work and personal life. It gives me more focus, the stamina for long days training, and the calmness to enjoy even the most draining situations – all for 10 minutes a day!! Nothing else can give me this boost…”

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