Teach & Learn T5T – The Five Tibetan Rites

TEACH T5T – The Five Tibetan Rites
Interest in The Five Tibetan Rites is rapidly growing and qualified instructors are needed all over the world. Experienced teachers who are interested in developing their skills to become Master Trainers so they can teach other teachers are also required. We have a Distance Education Method and run 4 day, on-site Teacher Training Programs.




LEARN T5T – The Five Tibetan Rites
You can learn T5T at home with the T5T books & DVD – or during a private session with one of our Registered T5T Instructors. Alternatively you can learn T5T through workshops (both public and private) as well as at your Corporate Workplace. There is a wide range of choice to suit your individual requirements.


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Planes checked after fuel found in vintage craft,
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Col. Cassie Barlow, 88th Air Base Wing commander at Wright Patterson Air Force Base,
Cards Against Humanity, said Friday that artwork on historic WWII era aircraft, like this B 17G,
cards against humanity print, and bomber jackets in the collection at the National Museum of the United States Air Force would remain despite an Air Force wide order for the removal of obscene, inappropriate or insensitive images from bases. “I think the tradition and history at the Air Force museum is just that,” Barlow said in a press conference with reporters. “That’s our history. We’re not going to go back and change those things because that’s part of our history and that’s an important part of our organization. Air Force know a lot about the vintage planes they have on display, particularly those that have been there awhile.

But until last week, they did not know that the A 1E Skyraider, on floor display since April 1968, held 200 gallons of fuel.

Museum procedures require all aircraft to be defueled prior to exhibition at the museum. Apparently, that never happened when the Skyraider arrived some 44 years ago.

Because of the discovery, officials at the museum that draws some 1.2 million visitors a year are having the fuel tanks checked for the entire collection of planes on display.

Restoration crews reviewing old records discovered there was still fuel in the Skyraider, according to the museum. A crew purged the fuel Saturday and Sunday, forcing the weekend closure of the Korean War,
cards against humaity?, Southeast Asia, Cold War and Missile and Space Galleries. The galleries reopened Monday.

“The inspections will be completed as soon as possible and at that time all museum aircraft on display will have been checked,” Air Force museum spokesman Rob Bardua said in response to questions from the Dayton Daily News. “Aircraft on display are continuously monitored by museum staff and volunteers for irregularities on a daily basis.”

The A 1E was a propeller powered attack plane that used in both the Korean War and the Vietnam War. Wright Patterson’s former 4950th Test Wing had incorrectly certified that the Skyraider was purged of fuel, the museum said.

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Tidy Towns hold AGM,
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All residents groups in Carlow town are being urged to send a representative to the AGM. There are five officers on the Tidy Towns Committee Chairperson, Vice Chair,
carda against humanity, Secretary, Treasurer and PRO and these will be elected on the night.

CTT has a very full and active agenda which runs throughout the year including monthly committee meetings, working with the Town Council on projects to enhance the town, fundraising and cleanups.

March to October is the busiest period in preparation for the National Tidy Towns Awards and organising the local Tidy Towns Competitions for schools, housing estates and gardens.

Last year at the AGM, the committee managed only to elect 3 officers, putting huge pressure on the individuals and resulting in some items being overlooked. However, Carlow did still manage to hold onto its Gold medal, a massive achievement given the pressure.

Chairperson of Carlow Tidy Towns Lorraine Hynes said: ‘This year at the AGM we need to elect all 5 officers. If we fail to do this we are in danger of disbanding the Carlow Tidy Towns,
blank cards against humanity?, which has been in existence for 42 years. This would be a huge tragedy to say the least, not only for Carlow Tidy Towns,
cards against himanity, but the whole business/commercial and social sector of Carlow Town.’

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Outdoor Chairs

If you have a love of camping or pride in a large backyard, chances are you will wish to purchase a few outdoor chairs. These will allow you to enjoy the beauty found in nature while remaining seated comfortably and safely. There are many different types of outdoor chairs, from portable folding chairs to full sets of wicker patio and wrought iron chairs.

The most important aspect of any piece of outdoor furniture is how it functions in its environment. Permanent outdoor chairs should be sturdy and made of a weather resistant material,
against humanity, while outdoor dining chairs should be lightweight and easy to move around the lawn or patio. On the other hand, the chairs are for a large party, reception, outdoor meeting or wedding, cheap and foldable metal or plastic chairs are the most affordable.

When camping, it is best to place the chairs upwind of any fire pit but close enough for the seated individual to enjoy the flames. Wind can sometimes pick up embers and toss them onto the chairs, causing unfortunate fires to occur. It is incredibly important to choose outdoor chairs that are made of fireproof fabrics.

This is also true for chairs in backyards and lawns when placed next to barbecue pits, Tiki lamps and candles. Damage from rain,
cards against humanity online version, hail and snow can also cause rust, stains, and holes to appear even in high quality outdoor chairs. When not in use,
black cards against humanity, these chairs should be placed in a dry,
cards against humanit, clean place or covered with strong, weatherproof slip covers.

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